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Tracking another person's Viber account online

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Before you start the hack, enter the phone number to which your account is linked:

The software allows access to the full database of the target account. The guaranteed anonymity of the hack makes VbSpy a truly reliable way to hack another person in Viber.

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Viber Activity Tracker App
VbSpy Hacking Viber

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Decent solution from the developers

VbSpy: Hacking an  App to set up Viber Account Tracking

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  • 17:21 I'm going to the beach today, are you with me? ☀️ ☺️
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  • changed 5:25 p.m. It's for a long time!" say ?
  • 17:33 Yeah... ?
  • 17:34 I think we're going to have a great time, don't forget to bring everything you need.
  • 17:36 Great, I'll meet you there 😊 👍
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I saw you today.

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How about breakfast tomorrow?

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What kind of crazy story is that?

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VbSpy #1 Tracker

Tracking Viber account
How does it work?

The software uses technology SS7 cellular signal interception. to subsequently gain access to the target account's database. After the hack is complete, users can log in to the application interface from any device, and examine the contents of all data packets associated with the compromised account. VbSpy's functionality implies not only hacking the account, but also constantly tracking new information about the account's activity. The software is very effective and gives a positive result in 90% of cases.

How do I track Vibe online?

How do I start spying on another person through Viber?

When choosing a Viber hacking application, it is worth considering such factors as the ability to track user activity, find out who the other person is corresponding with, set up surveillance without access to the phone.. In short, such an app should be a proven way to hack Viber online. The optimal solution for spying on someone via Viber is VBSpy spy app. The combination of features of this software allows you to claim that it is the safest way to track a Viber account. In addition to the standard features, such as call tracking and interception, correspondence hacking, geolocation tracking, activity tracker, the application has the functionality to establish wiretapping, track movements, recover deleted messages and calls.


Hacking Viber is now possible without prepayment. We decided to abandon this common approach for greater customer convenience. The need to make a payment arises only after the user has gained full access to the profile history. The use of special technologies will reduce to a minimum the losses caused by crashing the session.


This service is currently one of the most stable solutions. Clients have access to a powerful tool that has a well thought-out architecture and has undergone many tests. The administration constantly monitors the state of the software and makes timely adjustments if necessary.

System Requirements

VbSpy developers were tasked with creating a service that has a set of features sufficient for remote hacking of Viber, as well as demonstrating high performance and low resource consumption. Now Internet users have an opportunity to hack Viber using a minimum amount of resources.

Flexible updates

The service is regularly updated so that its efficiency is constantly improved. Our experts work continuously to improve the software, trying to achieve the highest level of fault tolerance. VbSpy™ runs through the website, so updates are implemented automatically and you don't have to install them yourself.

Cracking history and tracking new messages

Read other people's correspondence

Unlike other Viber hacking solutions, VBSpy enables users not only to see message history, but also to track updates in real time: this applies to all types of messages - personal and group chats, secret chats, business messages, voice and video messages. The software tracks and saves all backups of your message history.

Restore edited and deleted messages

A unique approach to data processing allows VBSpy to keep track of messages that were previously edited or deleted by the user. In order to adjust the display of these messages in the application interface, you need to set the appropriate settings. Through the application, you can find out when a message was deleted or edited and see its content.

More on how to track Viber correspondence
  • 18:33 Hey, did you come yesterday?
  • 18:33 Yes I saw you 😊? You're still there in the same place 👍
  • changed 6:35 p.m. Can you tell me if it's possible to read the correspondence in the
  • 18:37 So you're at 👌?
  • 18:39

    VbSpy #1 Tracker

    Hacking of Viber messages online: ‌

Tracking contact list

An up-to-date contact list of the target account

Smitham Alford

Catching the rhythm, like . 🤪

Watsica Davonte

R.I.P. 🕊 Prince Philip ❤️😢

Ryan Aimee

We are best friends 🥰🥰🥰

Von Maryam

The best Easter egg ever! 🐣

Hills Jerrold

A fun path on our walk

The situation with contacts is similar - the app parses and saves all contacts stored on authorized devices. In this section special attention was paid to navigation through the list of contacts: sometimes their number can run into hundreds, so the interface has many filters, sorting options and internal settings that allow you to understand them.

Track location

Finding out where the user is

Users of the app can use it to get information about the profile owner's current geo-position and history of their past movements. The software uses Viber app permissions on the target device to broadcast geodata. The movement log can be exported as a collection of geotags and then integrated into another mapping service.

Detailed description of geotracking functionality
  • en 36104 United States

    105 E Jefferson St, Montgomery, AL

    20.12.2024 15:44

    hour ago
  • en 36104 United States

    649 Monroe St, Montgomery

    22.12.2024 18:11

    2 hour ago
  • 36104 United States

    512 S Court St, Montgomery

    22.12.2024 21:45

    day ago
  • 36104 United States

    543 Pleasant Ave, Montgomery

    23.12.2024 07:19

    day ago

Tracking of new calls

Find out who the user called

Schneider Katlyn (2)


Rice Wilford


Pacocha Leanne

Outgoing (2 min.)

Schuppe Monica


Kuhic Josefina (4)

Outgoing (4 min.)

The application supports the ability to instantly notify users about the initiation of new calls in a monitored Viber account. To find out only about important calls, go to Settings and create suitable notification sending scenarios - for example, the software can notify you only about calls to a certain number or at a certain time.

Read about how to wiretap

Returning account access

Data recovery

The app can help you regain access to your Viber account and keep your messages, and in a variety of situations - after deleting or blocking your account; if you have forgotten your password and cannot recover it using the usual methods; if you are abroad and cannot receive an SMS with a verification code.

How to restore lost access to your account
November 12
Viber 21:35

Verification code: 7654432.
Nobody do not give the code, even if it is demanded on behalf of Viber!

This code is used to sign in to your Telegram account. It is never needed for anything else.

If you did not ask for a login code, ignore this message.

Logging in from a new device.
We noticed that you logged into your account from a new device on 24/07/2024 в 14:18:11 UTC.

Unique Features

The following describes the tools and features of the VbSpy application, which are currently unparalleled in the spyware market.

Optional tools

The VBSpy team is constantly developing functionality related to tracking Viber users' movements. At the moment, besides tracking GPS data itself, the software can track geolocation broadcasts and instantly notify the user about them, save information about how long the account owner has been in a certain place, and much more.

Call log

The Call Log stores information about all calls in which the compromised user participated. Thanks to direct integration with the account database, VBSpy retrieves even the information that was not saved when the data was backed up. A cell of one call contains data about the participants of the call, the duration of the conversation, the messages sent to the chat during the call.

Cracking SMS history

Due to the peculiarities of Viber's architecture, the software is synchronized with the history of SMS messages on all devices on which the compromised account is authorized. In addition to the messages themselves, users can see drafts - messages written but not sent for some reason - and message templates. On iOS devices, the software also hacks iMessages history.

Recover deleted data

The specifics of the hacking approach allow the software to recover deleted account data (users themselves have no such capabilities). For example, through the interface, VBSpy can recover deleted messages, chats, calls, and more. Except for rare cases, the software will also help you recover a deleted or blocked account.

Enjoy Advanced Monitoring Features


24/7 global customer support

Our team values each customer, focuses on accuracy of function and strives for continuous improvement of service.


95% customer satisfaction

According to a recent survey, that's the number of customers who want to use the service again. We appreciate that number.

User feedback

star star star star star5

Yes, and I thought chats in Viber are fully confidential and securely encrypted, but no... Do not store important information in messengers, use your own encrypted communication channels - that's my advice to you.

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star star star star star5

Of course I always knew that any correspondence could be hacked. What really surprised me was the location point. Almost every phone has Viber on it, which means that almost everyone's movements can be monitored.

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star star star star star5

I use apps to be safe for my parents. They are of an age and I need to protect them from spam and bad newsletters, VBSpy is great for that. Plus I can always see where they are now.

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star star star star star5

I am thrilled with what Vbspy can do for our safety. It's perfect for us because it allows me and my husband to keep track of what the kids are doing on their gadgets and even their movements. A well deserved 5 stars!

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star star star star star5

You will never really understand the meaning of the word "worry" until you are a parent. Our children think they are adults and often do whatever they want. For better or for worse, at least now I know who they are interacting with.

facebook Facebook
star star star star star5

I was overwhelmed with a mountain of information, so I really liked and benefited from the fact that all received information is also conveniently structured, you can apply different filters and sorting options. For example, you can view all payments to bots separately, and you can sort by date or amount - cleverly done, in general.

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About us VbSpy

You can use a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to work. It is important that the device works with one of the following operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS. To download it, you may need up to 2 GB of free disk space. The service demonstrates a high level of fault tolerance, as evidenced by the positive feedback from customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it necessary to interact with the device where the target account is authorized when setting up surveillance?
No, the hack takes place completely remotely. All you have to do is register a VBSpy account, choose and pay for one of the packages, and then wait a bit (the hack usually takes 15-20 minutes. After the software informs you that the hack is complete, log in to your account and start working with your data.
Does the software provide the ability to track multiple users' Viber accounts?
Yes, you do not need to register a new VBSpy account to track another account. It's enough to go to Settings and create an additional hack session. In total, you can run up to 5 simultaneous hacking and tracking sessions.
Will I be able to access the backups created by the owners of the account?
Yes, you will have permanent access to the backups. Moreover, it doesn't depend on where the compromised user stores them: the software accesses them directly through the account database on Viber's servers.
Are there ways to trace hacks done through VBSpy?
No, the VBSpy team guarantees complete anonymity and confidentiality of the hack. First, the software tracks data on a virtual device, which means the Viber mechanism has no way to trace any data about the hacking source. Secondly, user data is stored on servers in encrypted form.
Are there any steps I can take to increase the likelihood of successful hacking?
No, the peculiarities of the approach used in the hack guarantee a successful hack, there is no need for any additional action on the part of the users.

Open the control panel and manage all available accounts. For regular customers there are additional discounts.