Track another person's correspondence in Viber

Hacking Message history of someone else's Viber account

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To activate the tracking installation, enter the phone number tied to the account you are going to hack:

A web application with a wide range of functionality. In addition to tracking correspondence, the software allows you to hack the message history, listen to other people's voice messages, and restore deleted messages in Viber.

By registering a profile in Dashboard, you automatically accept all terms of use.

Hacking Message history of someone else's Viber account
VBSpy: set up Viber to Spy on other People's Messages

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  • 17:21 I'm going to the beach today, are you with me? ☀️ ☺️
  • 17:21 Yes, I'd love to.
  • changed 5:25 p.m. It's for a long time!" say ?
  • 17:33 Yeah... ?
  • 17:34 I think we're going to have a great time, don't forget to bring everything you need.
  • 17:36 Great, I'll meet you there 😊 👍
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Feeney Emmett 12:49

I saw you today.

Mraz Quentin 11:19

Ether Reproduction

Vandervort Jeremy 12:34

How about breakfast tomorrow?

Breitenberg Stevie ☀️ 14:28

What kind of crazy story is that?

Nicolas Eladio 14:28


Effertz Esteban 15:44

And that's it.

Runolfsson 16:17

drink drink drink ✨

Mayer Stewart 18:01

Wait for it ... ?



Cormier Teagan 14:23

Hello, can I ask when I can make an appointment? It is convenient for me on weekdays after office hours

Langworth Eulah 15:35

Yes good day, we are glad to see you at any time convenient for you, we look forward to seeing you

Cormier Teagan 14:23

Yes well, I will be next week on Monday after 7 pm, and I remember to take things with me. thank you.

Unread text message
Langworth Eulah 15:35

But I can definitely advise ❤️❤️❤️

VbSpy #1 Tracker

Hacking and tracking correspondence.
How does it work?

To hack an account, the software exploits a data transmission protocol vulnerability caused by restoring account access. The application launches the account recovery process and intercepts an SMS message with a verification code. After gaining access to the Viber account database, the software logs into the compromised account on a virtual device, copies correspondence files, deploys them to the VBSpy interface, and starts background tracking of updates.

How do I hack Viber messages online?

Applications for hacking correspondence in Viber. What to choose?

The spyware market today offers a wide variety of programs that have the declared functionality of being able to read someone else's correspondence. In fact, you should be careful and cautious when choosing such software. Not all of these applications are really capable of helping you read someone else's correspondence in Viber. To find out with whom a person corresponds, the application VBSpy is a good choice. In addition to the guarantee of successful hacking that is spelled out in the Terms of Use, the application also has other useful features: for example, the ability to recover deleted messages in Viber.

Private and secret chats

After hacking, the message history is available for viewing online or for downloading to the device. If necessary, users can enable data synchronization between the app and the device - in this case, the software will download correspondence files to the device in the background, and then they will be available for offline viewing at any time.

Notification system

The software integrates a notification system, the main feature of which is easy and flexible customization. You can create your own scenarios using filters and sub-scenarios, or choose from over 50 available ready-made scenarios. It is possible to configure the notification system separately for each authorized device.

Bookmarks and Favorites

The bookmarking feature is designed to make it easier to navigate through important messages. When you click on a message, click on the asterisk icon in the pop-up modal window - it will then be saved in the Bookmarks folder. The Favorite Chats feature works the same way (with the default settings, adding a chat to Favorites raises the priority of sending notifications for that chat).

Files and multimedia

Attached files

In the interface of the software, attached files can be viewed in a separate tab, where they will be organized into folders: Media files (photos, video and audio recordings), Documents, and Other files. In addition, all files can be downloaded as a single archive for later viewing offline with the tools installed on the device.


10.1 MB * Jul 26, 2024, 1 PM


56 KB * Sep 25, 2024, 8 PM

184 KB * Aug 7, 2024, 5 PM

34 MB * Aug 24, 2024, 2 PM

Group chats and communities

Channel hacking app

Smitham Alford

Catching the rhythm, like . 🤪

Watsica Davonte

R.I.P. 🕊 Prince Philip ❤️😢

Ryan Aimee

We are best friends 🥰🥰🥰

Von Maryam

The best Easter egg ever! 🐣

Hills Jerrold

A fun path on our walk

The app gives access to the hacked user's correspondence in group chats and the community. In addition to tracking messages and calls, the user also gets access to the data of all group members, including phone numbers and other sensitive data. To make it easier to navigate through community history, configure data filtering in Account Settings.

Read more about text tracking

Recovering deleted messages

Deleted messages

The VPSpy application opens up the possibility of reading deleted messages in Viber, both those sent by a hacked user and those sent by his interlocutor. The point is that deleted messages are stored in the Viber database and, unlike messenger users, the software has the ability to interact with it.

Restore deleted account data
  • 18:37 Torrey deleted a message
  • 18:37 Torrey deleted a message
  • 18:37 Torrey deleted a message

Data management tools

Below are the tools and features of the application that are currently unparalleled in the spyware market.

Smart Search

Search is one of the key tools for navigating through the message history, which is why special attention was paid to it during software development. At the moment, the tool is searchable with over fifty filtering, sorting, and exclusion options. When using keywords, VBSpy also displays messages where words are misspelled or, for example, written in transliteration.

Real-time tracking

Regardless of the data package purchased, all VBSpy users have access to live message tracking functionality. The software tracks messages as they are sent by one of the participants (i.e. you will know about the message even if the hacked user has not yet received it). Create notification scripts to be instantly notified of correspondence updates.

User feedback

star star star star star5

In a short time this tool has become my favorite spy app. They have gone through many updates since the beginning and almost comprehended perfection. This tool is really a great value for every user.

instagram Instagram
star star star star star5

It is more than just a spy app. It offers both innovative and traditional tools. Everyone needs it to have peace of mind for their children.

facebook Facebook
star star star star star5

I track my friends through online spy. They don't understand what's going on and how I do it. Believe me, it's a lot of fun.

instagram Instagram
star star star star star5

My kids have all kinds of smartphones and tablets. At one time I installed another developer's tracker for them, but then I got sick of it! It takes a long time, the devices slow down, the kids get nervous... This program doesn't even compare. A couple of minutes and everything is ready in one Dashboard.

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star star star star star5

I turned on my wife's phone tracking so she wouldn't have to worry about me! Now she feels better, too, when she knows everything. And I don't have to report my actions again.

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star star star star star5

I keep track of several of my children's Android devices. To be exact, they are a tablet and a Galaxy phone. The accuracy of both devices is excellent. You can monitor both devices on the same map.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Get in touch with our customer support clients.

Can I use VBSpy to hack a secret Viber chat?
Yes, the app can keep track of those secret chats that were created after the account was hacked. Regardless of when messages were deleted and other chat settings, the software will save the chat data in case the user decides to view it.
Can I read or restore deleted messages in Viber?
The software allows access to the entire database of a compromised account, without restricting access to any folders. VBSpy can also keep track of edited messages.
How do I hack group chats in Viber?
In VBSpy, working with group chats is almost no different from hacking ordinary correspondence. Just open the chat you're interested in and start examining the correspondence. For group chats, a little more information opens up: for example, you can find out the date and time each participant joined the chat.
Can I listen to another user's voice messages?
You can, and directly through the application interface. The players integrated into Dashboard also have the ability to change the speed of your messages, and download them to your device.
It's important to me that hacking and message tracking remain anonymous. How can this be facilitated?
In fact, the anonymity of surveillance is high enough as it is. But, for example, if you are going to log into a compromised account through the Viber interface, it makes sense to take care of your privacy and enable VPN in advance.