Restore Viber account without a phone number

Viber account recovery app

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Viber account recovery app

VBSpy application is a reliable way to regain access to your Viber account, restore correspondence or back up. In addition, users can read deleted messages through the application interface.

By registering a profile in Dashboard, you automatically accept all terms of use.

VBSpy: restore a Viber account without a phone number
Viber account recovery app

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Using this feature may cause you to lose access to tracking new account activity.

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All you need to do is specify the subscriber's phone number in international format and start one or more monitoring sessions.

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How do I restore deleted messages in Viber?
How does it work?

Wondering if it is possible to restore Viber messages, users often come to the use of unstable and reliable tools for working with the messenger database. This is fraught with complete loss of access to the account or even blocking the account by the Viber security system.

How do I safely restore my Viber messages?

Access your account history from a backup.

Optimal solution, to restore correspondence - VBSpy application. The software is a reliable way to recover deleted messages in Viber. It only takes 15 minutes to regain access to your account.

Works everywhere

The app accesses the authorization code regardless of where the user is located or what mobile network he or she is connected to. The app's algorithms interact directly with the messenger's data transfer protocol, thus gaining access to the sent code regardless of whether the phone number linked to the account is active or not.

Secure third-party interface

After you restore access, you will be able to interact with your Viber account's database via My Account. Navigation through the web interface provides fast and secure access to the data archive, regardless of its size. VBSpy Private Office works stably on any type of devices, all you need is a stable Internet connection.

Full confidentiality

To restore access to a Viber account, the app uses a combination of two methods: a virtual device to authorize into the account, and a third-party interface to display its database. This nullifies any chance that the messenger's security system will be able to trace any data on the hacker.

Restoring access

Requesting a verification code to log in to your account

Immediately after logging into Dashboard, you will be able to request a new verification code to log into your account from any device. The code will be valid for 60 seconds, and you can request a new one if necessary: you can request and receive a verification code an unlimited number of times through the software.

November 12
Viber 21:35

Verification code: 7654432.
Nobody do not give the code, even if it is demanded on behalf of Viber!

This code is used to sign in to your Telegram account. It is never needed for anything else.

If you did not ask for a login code, ignore this message.

Logging in from a new device.
We noticed that you logged into your account from a new device on 24/07/2024 в 14:18:11 UTC.

Full restoration of correspondence

Incoming outgoing messages

Kerluke Lulu

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Denis Suroegin

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In order to restore access to your Viber account via VBSpy software, you don't need access to the phone number the account is registered to. The functionality of the application allows you to sign in to your account, regardless of when and from where the last authorization was made.

Recover deleted messages and chats

The software allows you to recover deleted messages

VBSpy has a unique feature set that allows you to recover deleted messages in Viber. This is possible due to the fact that the application gets direct access to the archive of account data stored in the messenger database (while the average Viber user can only access the database stored on the device and in backups).

  • 18:37 Carlie deleted a message
  • 18:37 Carlie deleted a message
  • 18:37 Carlie deleted a message

Deleted accounts

Reset the old password and create a new one

November 08
Viber 19:47

To register, the bot requests access to your personal information.

To protect your data with encryption, set a password.

This password will also be prompted when you sign in to Viber from your new device.

Login from a new device.
We detected logging into your account from a new device 12/04/2024 в 14:18:11 UTC.

The software provides the ability to restore any deleted Viber account. The account database is stored on Viber servers until a new account is registered to the linked phone number. Be careful when you pay for the software, recovery of a deleted account is available only to users who have paid for the appropriate package of services.

Archive data

Downloading the account database to your device

VBSpy software allows you to download your Viber chat history to your smartphone, tablet or computer. Before downloading, the database will be compressed into an archive, which will then be downloaded to the user's device at the highest possible speed for their Internet connection. The function is available to users of all packages, devices and operating systems.


10.1 MB * Jul 26, 2024, 1 PM


56 KB * Sep 25, 2024, 8 PM

184 KB * Aug 7, 2024, 5 PM

34 MB * Aug 24, 2024, 2 PM

Additional features

The following describes the tools and features of the VbSpy application, which are currently unparalleled in the spyware market.

Accessing Viber's message history offline

The VBSpy application allows you to view your account correspondence, keeping its status offline for other messenger users. You can track all incoming activity in your account directly from your personal cabinet: all new messages will be instantly displayed in the software interface, and the status of messages will not change regardless of your actions.

Reliable cloud for storing backups

Once you have finished restoring access to your account, you will be able to use the app as a cloud to store your backups. The software application will automatically save all Viber data archives, and then you will be able to restore a backup copy in just a few clicks if necessary. The copies will be stored in the cloud on a permanent basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Get in touch with our customer support clients.

I have regained access to Viber. Can VBSpy be useful after that?
You can use VBSpy to download the database to your device and navigate through it offline, to track activity and view messages without changing their status, and to store backups.
Can I check if my phone number is correct?
After you start the recovery process, the app will display the public data of the account registered to the specified phone number: username, profile picture, description. If it's not your profile, you can click on "This is not my account" and try again.
Will my account data be stored in the VBSpy database after recovery? Is it possible to delete them from there?
Yes, to delete your account data, you will need to go to your VBSpy account settings, open the "Active Sessions" tab, and click on the "Erase Session" button. Please note, once you delete a session, you will not be able to restore it.
How long will VBSpy keep backups of my account?
All backups are stored in the account database permanently. The only scenario in which they disappear is if you choose to delete them yourself.
Is the Viber account database stored in the VBSpy database updated?
Is the Viber account database stored in the VBSpy database updated?