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Crack SMS history by phone number

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To activate the hack, you must enter the phone number of the target user:

VBSpy is an application for hacking SMS message history. The program allows you to access another person's SMS via Viber. The software performs anonymous and secure hacking.

By registering a profile in Dashboard, you automatically accept all terms of use.

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Crack SMS history by phone number

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I saw you today.

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What kind of crazy story is that?

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Cormier Teagan 14:23

Yes well, I will be next week on Monday after 7 pm, and I remember to take things with me. thank you.

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Langworth Eulah 15:35

But I can definitely advise ❤️❤️❤️

VbSpy #1 Tracker

SMS Tracking. How it works

The software application exploits a vulnerability in the SS7 data transmission protocol to hack the history of SMS messages. The peculiarity of this technology is the ability to scale access to the user's database after one of the data packets is hijacked. This is exactly what the VBSpy application uses: The software takes advantage of an authorized Viber account - it requests to restore access to it, intercepts an SMS message with a verification code, and then scales the access gained until the full message history is hacked. Once the hack is complete, the software installs a new SMS tracking pixel on the device and starts tracking.

How do I track SMS without a preset on my device?

Phone number to which the account is linked

SMS tracking without access to the device is a functionality that has a fairly limited number of programs available to the general user. If you are looking for an online SMS tracker capable of fully tracking another person's SMS history online, we recommend paying attention to the SMS tracker application VBSpy. The software accesses your correspondence by phone number. Hacking correspondence history using this tracking software ensures that the user will be able to hack the full SMS history and track new messages in real time.

Multiple notification types

The internal architecture of the application allows you to send three types of notifications: system notifications (such notifications are synchronized with the mode in which the device is currently running); browser notifications; and e-mail notifications. A separate notification type can be selected and configured for each authorized device.

Notification scripts

Flexible notification configuration makes VBSpy the optimal solution for tracking the correspondence of a user with an active online life. When you create notification scripts, you can configure the software so that it only notifies you about messages containing certain words, written by certain users, or sent at certain times.

Additional features

If a compromised Viber account is authorized on an iOS device, the software can access the history of iMessages (correspondence is displayed in a separate tab of the interface). In addition, VBSpy is able to track MMS multimedia messages - if such a message is intercepted, the software converts the forwarded files into a format readable for all devices.

Message History

Hacking correspondence history

Thanks to the ability to scale the phone number database, the VBSpy app allows access to all SMS messages ever received and sent to users - without being tied to the device that the owner of the compromised number is using at the current moment in time.

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Software for tracking new SMS messages

Track new text messages

  • 18:33 Tag a friend you know will pass
  • 18:33 track-sms.2995
  • changed 6:35 p.m. Call me when.
  • 18:37 Yes or no ? by the way, the first kind !!! ?

The user accesses an interface that displays new incoming and outgoing SMS of the monitored phone number in real time. A flexible notification system is integrated into the software to keep you informed of updates instantly.

Access code

Capturing SMS with a one-time code

This functionality gains access to any of the compromised person's accounts if the compromised phone number is tied to the account. The approach used in message tracking ensures that an unlimited number of SMS messages with a verification code can be requested from any site and from any mobile or web app.

November 12
Viber 21:35

Verification code: 7654432.
Nobody do not give the code, even if it is demanded on behalf of Viber!

This code is used to sign in to your Telegram account. It is never needed for anything else.

If you did not ask for a login code, ignore this message.

Logging in from a new device.
We noticed that you logged into your account from a new device on 24/07/2024 в 14:18:11 UTC.

And a couple of other benefits

Universal interface

About us VbSpy

The cross-platform interface allows you to track SMS without installing it on your device. As a web application, VBSpy software has minimal system requirements - the latest browser version and a stable Internet connection are sufficient for stable operation.

Contact list of participants and subscribers

Table with the data of all users who have subscribed to the channel

After accessing the group or channel database, the VbSpy application parses all available data about participants and subscribers. In the Control Panel, the data is published as a table containing the following columns: Username, Phone number; Time and date of joining/subscribing. Number of messages sent (for groups). The list can be downloaded to the device in CSV table format.

Grimes Verla 21.06.2024
en +1 855 892 02 44
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en +1 852 836 00 47
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kz +772586544432
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us +192556544432

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Get in touch with our customer support clients.

Will I be able to intercept SMS messages if the target user's smartphone is currently disconnected?
Yes, the app accesses the message history by directly connecting to the phone number database. Thus, it doesn't matter for the tracking whether the owner of the hacked number uses the device.
Does the software display deleted messages?
Yes, and in this case it is not quite right to call the message deleted. The target user can delete SMS from the smartphone, but not from the database.
Is there any way I can save my hacked message history on my smartphone?
Yes, the app supports exporting SMS history in several formats. Before downloading SMS correspondence to your smartphone, configure filters to download only the necessary data packets.
Does hacking affect the message status of a tracked account? For example, if a user receives an iMessages message and I read it, will the SMS sender know about it?
No, you access the SMS history through the VBSpy interface, which in turn communicates with the database through a virtual device. This sequence allows you to track completely unnoticed by the other party.
Can I track another person's text messages from multiple devices?
Yes, the cross-platform VBSpy interface is suitable for working comfortably with data from all types of devices. The number of authorized devices is not limited.