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Set parental controls in Viber

Track activity in a child's Viber account

In order to enable parental control, all you have to do is specify the phone number to which the target account is registered:

By registering a profile in Dashboard, you automatically accept all terms of use.


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Decent solution from the developers

VBSpy: reliable and secure parental controls for Viber

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VbSpy #1 Tracker

Tracker app for tracking Viber activity

Before you start tracking your child's activity, you need to figure out how to set up Viber child tracking without access to the device, anonymously and securely. The software market offers several options, but only one application can be called a fully proven way to find out who your child is texting with in Viber. Activity monitoring via VBSpy tracker occurs without a pre-installation on the device. It only takes 15 minutes to set up parental control by phone number. The installation takes place in shadow mode, so that the child cannot track or detect the tracking in any scenario.

Activity tracker for Viber

Controlling the child's activity

Today's children spend a lot of time in front of their devices. Therefore, to be completely safe for their safety, it is important to track their activity, monitor their social circles and the resources they visit.

Activity line

The interface of this tool is designed in an infographic format: the user sees all the activity of the tracked account in chronological order. Using filters, you can adjust the information displayed by a variety of different parameters - recipient and sender of the message, keywords, time of sending.

Area notifications

This tool is an optimal solution for those who want to stay aware of their child's location while spending time constantly checking with the app. You can set up alerts to let you know whenever your child has left a certain location within a given time interval.

Data Storage

The data storage policy adopted by the VBSpy team ensures the complete security and privacy of both the user and the owner of the tracked account. All account data is stored in encrypted form and is used solely for display to the user, it is not used for advertising and is not shared with third parties.

Call log

The functionality of the software allows you to monitor all incoming and outgoing calls, and users of certain packages can set up listening and recording of calls. In the Call Log, you can see information about all calls ever made to your account, including the date and duration of the call.

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Messages and calls

Message Tracking

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VBSpy's technology allows access to the entire history of the account's messages - and users can see even those messages that the child does not have access to because they are not currently backed up. All new messages are displayed instantly in the application interface, regardless of whether they have been delivered to the device.


Location monitoring

The parental control mode in Viber provides the user with constant up-to-date information about the child's location. GPS data is transmitted to the application interface with minimal delay and inaccuracy in the geo-positioning display. Work with geolocation data is carried out from the user's personal cabinet - a cross-platform web-map system is integrated into it.

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Additional features

The following describes the tools and features of the VbSpy application, which are currently unparalleled in the spyware market.

Tracking and notification of new activity

In order to establish parental controls, the software communicates directly with the database of the tracked account. This ensures that notifications of new activity in a child's account are sent to users instantly. You can set up the notification system so that you stay informed about important things happening to your child at all times.

Stand-alone installation

Another feature of VBSpy that distinguishes it from other spyware is remote installation of surveillance. In order to set up parental control, just specify the phone number to which your Viber account is tied. Setting up tracking takes about 15 minutes, after which the user can go straight to exploring the account database.

System Requirements

The software is implemented as a web application, which makes it accessible to almost any user: to perform hacking it is enough to create an account VBSpy, and to interact with the account data - use the current version of the browser and a stable Internet connection.

Tracking multiple people

When launching Parental Controls, you can select the number of children whose activity will be tracked by the application. Pricing is arranged in such a way that when you start several active tracking sessions from one VBSpy account, the average price per session is significantly reduced. At the same time, the application is fully adapted for tracking multiple people without losing functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Get in touch with our customer support clients.

Does the application store tracked data? If so, can I remove it from the VBSpy database?
Yes, the app stores user data, but it is important to clarify that it stores it in encrypted form - that is, neither the VBSpy team nor any third party has access to this data. The entire database of a tracked Viber account can be erased with one click in the Account Settings.
Is there a limit to the creation of tracking sessions?
The Parental Control mode provides for creation of 5 active simultaneous data tracking sessions. However, this number can be increased if necessary.
I have an Android phone and my child has an iPhone. Can this affect surveillance?
No, it's not a matter of principle. The software communicates with the account database, not the device.
Will the software continue to track your child's activity and movements if their phone runs out of power?
The app will continue to track activity in the account regardless of the device's status. With geolocation it is different, the software broadcasts the device's GPS data, which means that the device must be turned on to display accurate data. When it is turned off, VBSpy displays the last tracked geolocation before it was turned off.
Is there any way a child can detect surveillance?
No, this is not possible. When tracking, the app does not leave any traces on the tracked devices.