Track someone else's movements via Viber

Other people's location Tracker App

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To start tracking, specify the phone number to which your target Viber account is registered:

Software for tracking the movements of Viber users. VBSpy is a proven way to find out where another person is now via Viber.

By registering a profile in Dashboard, you automatically accept all terms of use.

Track someone else's movements via Viber

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I saw you today.

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Ether Reproduction

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How about breakfast tomorrow?

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What kind of crazy story is that?

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And that's it.

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drink drink drink ✨

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Hello, can I ask when I can make an appointment? It is convenient for me on weekdays after office hours

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Yes good day, we are glad to see you at any time convenient for you, we look forward to seeing you

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Yes well, I will be next week on Monday after 7 pm, and I remember to take things with me. thank you.

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But I can definitely advise ❤️❤️❤️

VbSpy #1 Tracker

Is there a reliable way to track geolocation through Viber?

To find out where another person is via Viber, simply purchase the VBSpy location tracker. To determine a user's geolocation, the app uses a unique approach that involves hacking the full database of the target account. To hack the geo-location and track a user's geo-tags, all you need to know is their phone number.

Tracking geolocation via Viber

The app also allows you to track your travel history

Information about the current geo-position of the tracked user is updated in real time. Users can track their current location and watch their Viber account owner's movements in Dashboard via the web maps integrated into the interface.

Looking for a lost phone via Viber

Improved accuracy of GPS-data display combined with speed, makes VBSpy an effective tool for finding lost or stolen smartphones. The software is able to determine the current location of the device if it has been authorized to a Viber account and is on.

Find a Viber user on web maps

VBSpy software can integrate with all popular map services. If necessary, users can download any files containing geolocation data to the device and open them via Google Maps, MAPS.ME or others that use OpenStreetMaps API.

Tracking the child's location via Viber

To activate parental control, you do not need to gain access to the device, just specify the phone number to which your Viber account is registered. Once the installation is complete, you will be able to constantly monitor where your child is, and, if necessary, configure the notification system to receive alerts if your child is away from the school during the hours he or she is supposed to be there.

Monitoring geolocation

Address and geotagging log

VBSpy gives users access to an archive of all geotags sent since the hacked account was created. The archive is displayed in the application interface as an Address Log, which stores the coordinates of each geotag, the location address, the time it was sent, and the history of re-visits to that location.

  • en 36104 United States

    105 E Jefferson St, Montgomery, AL

    20.12.2024 15:44

    hour ago
  • en 36104 United States

    649 Monroe St, Montgomery

    22.12.2024 18:11

    2 hour ago
  • en 36104 United States

    512 S Court St, Montgomery

    22.12.2024 21:45

    day ago
  • en 36104 United States

    543 Pleasant Ave, Montgomery

    23.12.2024 07:19

    day ago

AI-based correspondence analysis

Displaying the user's geo-position on maps

The tool is designed to track locations where the target user has been and then store this information. Location Log is a flexible tool: for example, users themselves can set the time that will be considered as the minimum to identify the event as a visit to the location. Data from the Journal can be displayed on the map in one click.

Parsing geotags from other web maps

All geotags and geoposition broadcast sessions

The application algorithms are able to read and copy geotags saved in map services installed on authorized devices.All copied geotags are then restored in the Dashboard interface. The software also copies all available information about the tags: name, description, creation date, last visited date, etc.


Tracking the movements of a group of people

Users nearby

People around.
Glover Maci

4.21 km away

Hill Diana

6.17 km away

Little Cassidy

7.25 km away

Mosciski Malika

12.29 km from here

This functionality is designed for deeper tracking of the target user: in the corresponding tab of the Dashboard you can track who he is spending time with at the current moment. The software displays the distance between users, the time of the meeting, and the history of tracked meetings in the past.

The following options are available to users:

Below are the tools and features of the application that are currently unparalleled in the spyware market.

Routes taken

The application stores movement data for all devices with an authorized Viber account being tracked. In order to view a user's movement history for a certain period of time, just open the corresponding tab in the Dashboard and enter the time interval you are interested in.

AI-based correspondence analysis

The app uses artificial intelligence to analyze message history and track messages that may be related to the target user's future movements. For better analysis results, we recommend that users participate in AI training, and flag messages you are not interested in by clicking the appropriate button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Get in touch with our customer support clients.

How does the software access GPS profile data?
The app exploits a vulnerability in the data transfer protocol used by Viber to restore account access. VBSpy intercepts the verification code, authenticates into the account on the virtual device, and then broadcasts actual location information to Dashboard.
Are geolocation and movements monitored if the user's device is not connected to the Internet or is disconnected?
To track GPS data, it is not important whether an authorized device is connected to the Internet. If the device is disconnected, VBSpy will display its last location data before it was disconnected.
I want to track the location of multiple users. Is this possible?
Yes, you can add new hacking sessions in the Dashboard. You can track the location of up to 5 users at a time.
Does the ability to perform surveillance depend on what country the target user is in?
No, using the VBSpy software guarantees a highly accurate display of geolocation, no matter where the user is.
From what I understand, the software uses artificial intelligence to analyze text. How does this work?
Artificial Intelligence analyzes all messages in a user's correspondence and scans them for any typical words he uses when making appointments. In addition, the AI searches messages for the names of places, streets, and neighborhoods in the same city as the user being tracked.