Frequently Asked Questions

How many account hacking sessions can I run from one account? VbSpy?
It is possible to run up to 5 active hacking sessions simultaneously. If you run several sessions at the same time, the cost of the hack will be lower - the price depends on the number of running sessions. More information about it can be found in tariffs.
Is it necessary to prepare my device for operation? VbSpy?
No, it is a web application, meaning that it uses third-party hardware to maintain all the power required to run the software, and you interact solely with the browser interface. You do not need to download and install any applications.
Can the owner of the account find out that it has been hacked?
Hacking cannot be identified by the social network's security mechanisms. The account owner can only find out about a hack if you perform any activity while logged into the account.
Will I get the password to the compromised account?
Yes, you will be able to see the password for the compromised account in your personal cabinet.
What are the ways to pay for the account?
Payment for the account is possible through the payment systems Visa and Mastercard, electronic wallets the cryptocurrency platforms Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Ripple To increase anonymity we recommend to pay in cryptocurrency.
How long does it take to process a payment?
VbSpy The speed of payment processing depends on the system through which the payment is made. As a rule, funds are credited within a few minutes.
What guarantees can I get? Can I get demo access? VbSpy?
We cannot provide demo access to an account: in order to get access to hacked account data, we need to perform a full-fledged hacking procedure, and, accordingly, use our equipment and algorithms at full capacity. Our reputation and hundreds of positive reviews, available on various resources in the public domain, serves as a guarantee.
What should I do if I forgot my account password? VbSpy?
To ensure maximum anonymity, we use end-to-end encryption for passwords, which means that your account password is not stored in our database. If you lose your password, you will have to register a new account.
Can you see the personal information on my phone?
No. We never interact with your device in any way, so your personal information remains secure. The privacy and integrity of your personal information is one of our priorities.
How much does a custom archive "weigh"?
It all depends on the amount of data stored in the profile history. In the case of increased activity of the target account owner (a large number of sent/received text messages and files), the size of the archive can exceed 2 GB.
When can I start looking for my device?
It is highly recommended that you start looking for your lost Android, iPhone, or other mobile device as soon as you discover that it is missing. We do not recommend that you wait for a miracle to suddenly find your phone around the corner.
What phone models are supported?
We support any phone or tablet without restrictions on manufacturer, model or specifications. The only requirement is that these devices must use a SIM card to communicate.
Which countries are supported by the service VbSpy?
You can find a target device in any country - we work all over the world and only need a phone number in the correct international format.
Is it safe to download the archive to the device?
The archive formed as a result of a hack undergoes several checks to detect malicious files. Therefore, the download is completely safe and VbSpy has absolutely no effect on the operation of the device.
Is it legal to use services VbSpy?
Clients decide for themselves what to use the software for, this is their area of responsibility. The service was originally created to recover lost data, and this is perfectly legal.
How many times can I use the service?
The administration does not limit the number of sessions in any way, so customers determine the frequency of using the software on their own. In addition, the highest possible bandwidth is ensured for the stable operation of the service.
How confidential is the use?
We guarantee that the service is completely confidential. All user information goes through a two-factor encryption phase. In addition, we reserve the right not to disclose to third parties information about any transactions related to the service. Payment for our services is 100% anonymous.
How to ensure complete anonymity when working with the service?
If you want maximum anonymity, make payments only in cryptocurrency. This payment method allows you to protect all participants in the transaction and make it technically impossible to track them. The best option is Bitcoin.
How do I hide my actions from the account owner?
Thanks to the use of innovative tools, the process of remote account monitoring is completely invisible to the owner. The only source of information leakage may be a feature built into the messenger that displays the number of active sessions, but most users pay no attention to it.
What promotions are available to customers of the service?
The terms of bonus promotions available to customers of the service can be found in the Tariffs section. In addition, there is the Partner Program, which offers users the opportunity to take advantage of absolutely free