Ways to hack Viber without downloading an app How to hack Viber without downloading an app

According to statistics, 70% of hackers seeking access to someone else's account use various spyware. That is, they use programs that require pre-installation on the victim's smartphone. And if professional hackers know how to do it unnoticed by the target subscriber, to remove any suspicion from themselves and protect their equipment from unwanted consequences, then ordinary users may encounter some difficulties.

Is it worth installing applications from unknown sources

Today we'll analyze why you should not install questionable applications on your or others' smartphones and PCs, and whether there are ways to hack Viber that do not involve the use of spyware.

Is it worth installing applications from unknown sources

To begin with, you can download the application to your iPhone or iPad only through the official Apple store. That is, you can not install on the "apple" equipment program, which is not distributed through the App Store. Or rather, you will be able to, but you will have to hack your smartphone and gain access to its system files. This is definitely not a 15-20 minute task.

For example, your wife or child has an Apple smartphone. In order to hack such a phone, you have to take it away from the person for at least 3-4 hours, or even all day (if you have not had experience of such hacking before). Agree, it is much easier to just read the correspondence of interest directly from the smartphone screen.

The situation is a little better with Android devices. But that's if we don't take into account the new version 11 smartphones. Concerned about the security of user data, Google has changed its loyal attitude to applications downloaded outside the Play Market, and has restricted the ability to install them.

On Android 11 it is difficult to install applications from unverified sources

Now it is not enough to simply allow the installation of the desired software. The new version of Android forcibly closes applications that have contact with APK files and automatically deletes all information related to this process.

What to do in such a situation is not yet clear. But let's hope that programmers interested in solving the problem will quickly find a way out and share it with the general public.

Custom Viber hacking: possible risks

Most hackers who promise to hack an account you're interested in use exactly the spyware we talked about above. They force the user to install the necessary software on their smartphone in various ways, and then use it to collect personal data.

However, such programs are not aimed at local collection of user information from a particular messenger, but at obtaining all the information stored on the compromised device.

That is, a hired hacker is more likely to find out everything about the person you are interested in, but will only provide the information you are willing to pay for. If it concerns strangers, such aspects may not be a cause for concern. But what to do if you want to hack the account of a loved one. Are you prepared for a hired hacker to get all the information about your spouse or child? I think not. That's why it's better to look for other ways to hack here.

Do not allow third parties to gain access to your loved ones' personal information

The same applies to programs that developers offer you to install on your gadget. In most cases you just access the interface of the software and configure it yourself. But no one can guarantee that while you are monitoring the user of interest, the hackers who provided you with this software are not monitoring your activity or collecting personal data that you didn't plan to share with unauthorized people.

The only way to protect yourself from such problems and to exclude possible negative consequences for the people close to you, whose accounts in Viber you want to hack, is not to use applications that require pre-installation on smartphones or PCs.

Is it safe to hack Viber online

When you use online applications, such as VBSpy, you are fully protected from all kinds of risks.

  1. You don't give the developers any personal information. Even the email address you use when registering for the app, you can never post anywhere else.
  2. Third parties have no access to the information they collect for you. Such programs do everything automatically, without the involvement of the software developers or administrators of the resource where the software is stored.
  3. Hacking Viber via online applications is done remotely. That is, you do not need physical access to the phone with the target account, and the technical parameters of your gadgets do not affect the performance of the software in any way.
Follow the developers' recommendations - be sure your personal data is safe.

The automatic operation of online applications is probably their main advantage. Knowing how this software works, you can be sure that your target data won't fall into the hands of third parties. And thanks to end-to-end encryption algorithms and individual passwords for each user's archive, not only software developers, but also strangers, who can inadvertently get access to a package of information collected by the program, will not see your data.

Ways to hack Viber: which one to choose

Based on all of the above, it is safe to say that online applications are the only way to 100% safe way to hack Viber. And if you need a guarantee that your data or personal information of your loved ones will not fall into the hands of third parties, it is better not to turn to unknown hackers from forums and social networks, and use a proven application with a large number of positive reviews.